New RMIT Online Postgrad Program Addresses Digital Marketing Leadership Skills Gap

RMIT Online’s Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing Leadership program has just launched, offering experienced marketers the chance to learn in-demand skills to lead digital transformation in marketing.

Many organisations know the future is in cutting-edge marketing and personalised customer experiences.

But just as many of those organisations are struggling to find a way forward, with a constant barrage of apps, technologies, tools and customer demand continually redefining the marketing landscape.

According to a survey of more than 200 companies by Boston Consulting Group, 83 per cent could not make connections across consumer touchpoints, 68 per cent lacked automation and 78 per cent struggled to assign value to touchpoints across the consumer journey.

To bridge the gap, RMIT Online’s Graduate Certificate of Digital Marketing Leadership offers marketers the chance to gain those in-demand skills and lead their department to digital maturity.

By studying online part-time, marketers will be equipped to assess an organisation’s readiness for change, create customer-centric marketing strategies across touchpoints, and select marketing technology to build their MarTech stack.

The program is designed in collaboration with industry partners and offers immediately applicable skills that will remain relevant, even as marketing continues to change.

Michael Titshall, the VP and managing director of R/GA Australia and a consultant on the RMIT Online program, said that this was a program for marketing leaders of the future.

“Leaders in digital marketing are able to connect brand, customer experience, technology and commerce imperatives across an organisation to deliver the most effective solutions,” he said.

“The more marketers understand these areas, the better placed they are to succeed in the future.”

RMIT Online’s Graduate Certificate of Digital Marketing Leadership comprises eight months of part-time online study and has six intakes per year.


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