Decisions you must make in your digital marketing strategy by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned digital marketing into a dynamic matter that has to adapt to the new normal that is being experienced.

An element that attracts attention is the opportunity that exists in mobile devices as part of the strategy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has rethought the reality in the market.

The reality that exists in the market after the COVID-19 pandemic, forces digital marketing to adapt to the needs that consumers have presented, allowing brands to bet on subjects such as communication, which are now critical areas both for companies and professionals, to bet on this discipline, for the best relationship between brands and consumers.

Omri Argaman, CMO of Zoomd, assured Merca 2.0 of the role of digital marketing, especially through mobile devices, which have become a key element during this contingency in which communication through this technology, due to the interaction that these They allow, it has been increasingly patented and it has led firms like M&C Saatchi Mobile Limited to establish itself in the market.

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Merca2.0 – What is advertising for mobile audiences?

Omri Argaman – Mobile is the seventh mass media and is very different from the sixth medium which is the Internet (PC). There are many differences between the mobile and PC versions. The mobile brings with it many benefits that no other brings with it: it is the most used screen (more than 4 hours on average per day), it is with us all day and it has geographic orientation, counting on valuable information to know which is the best ad to show at a certain time.

Mobile advertising brings with it a wide range of ad formats and capabilities that no other platform offers. Mobile traffic has become larger than PC traffic since 2014. Currently, in much of the world, mobile is the only Internet device that the population owns, since they never had or did not have a PC.

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Merca2.0 – What does user acquisition consist of?

OA – Every advertiser and company in the world wants and needs new customers, new users, new consumers. User acquisition is the action that we do as marketers to acquire these new users / clients. This action can be done in an organic and media-free way: people who visit your site, fill out potential consumer forms and become customers, or can be done by purchasing media / ads whose primary goal is to acquire users, to acquire new clients.

Merca2.0 – What is the perspective of mobile marketing after the COVID-19 pandemic?

OA – Overall, COVID-19 worked well for mobile marketing in most cases. Globally, the time of consumption of content through screens has increased by more than 30 percent in most countries due to the coronavirus, as people have much more time to play and use the mobile phone.

Categories like gaming, streaming, E-commerce, delivery, education and lifestyle / sports apps have grown by more than 50 percent in some cases, people are downloading this kind of apps much more than before.

When the contingency ends, we believe that some habits will continue. E-commerce and gaming will remain in the lead, as more and more people download these types of applications and spend more time using them. The budget for offline advertising will be redirected to mobile, due to the confinement and the low influx of people on the street. So, without a doubt, we will see an increase in mobile advertising greater than predicted.

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Merca2.0 – What strategy is the right one today, to take advantage of mobile devices?

OA – Today 80 percent of content consumption is done through mobile devices and advertisers have found a great opportunity on social media. The strategy must be adapted according to the core of the business, whether traditional or E-commerce, for example.

Taking advantage of the mobile world will allow you to develop a strategy based on more precise segmentation and provide advertising according to the user’s geolocation.

Consider that some channels are usually cheaper in their mobile version than in PC, take advantage of it. Push messages are a great option to engage with your users through their mobile devices. The mobile world carries many technical obstacles for advertisers, so if you are already looking to take this step, it may be a great opportunity to outdo your competition and in case your main competitors already have a presence on these channels, no think about it more because you should be there immediately.


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