WEBCON Releases Set of Remote Work Applications

KRAKOW, Poland, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — WEBCON, developer of the world-class, enterprise-grade Business Process Automation platform WEBCON BPS, announced the immediate availability of no-charge applications for supporting remote workforces.

The company’s philosophy and technology revolve around the principle that work environments undergo change on a regular basis, and that software solutions must be able to change just as rapidly and without disrupting work in progress. The most prominent and rapid change of late has involved companies having large parts of their staff work from home.

Organizations have turned to technology to support the pivot towards operating with remotely-dispersed employees,” said Lukasz Wrobel, chief business development officer at WEBCON. “The first wave of solutions revolved around survival skills like remote access via virtual private networks, communication solutions (Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Zoom, etc.), and remote corporate email. If remote work is real work, then it can’t be only about connectivity. Processes need to evolve, too.”

Wrobel cited the following examples of processes that can’t remain ad-hoc if remote work is a long-term reality:

  • Knowing when people are on duty, where, and how to best reach them.
  • Ensuring that delegated tasks are being completed, that related subtasks are easily assigned and tracked, and that all of it can be analyzed from a single place if desired.
  • Making certain that “must-read” documents are distributed, read, and acknowledged.
  • Handling physical mail, either through physical routing or scanning + virtual routing, as well as ensuring that records are kept of who has sent/received what.
  • Procurement requests for home office needs must be easy to make, easy to address, and easy to fulfill.
  • Help desk cases, which had the luxury of being ad-hoc when IT and users were co-located, but cannot work that way any longer.

As a response to current increase in remote working, WEBCON, the provider of a low-code solution for business process management, is now offering a set of 8 no-charge applications designed to support companies in managing distributed workforces.

“Remote work is here to stay, so companies cannot afford for it to be an ad-hoc thing anymore. Some informal processes work just fine when employees are all located in the same office – but they don’t work that well when people are distributed – a lot of things get forgotten, go missing or just take much more time than they should,” said Mike Fitzmaurice, chief evangelist at WEBCON. “Treat these new applications as your company’s next step towards digital transformation, and I promise you that the benefits you’ll receive will go way beyond streamlining remote work.”

The set comprises of 8 applications: Employee Profiles, Time Clock, Task Assignment, Document Distribution, Mailroom, Procurement Requests, Helpdesk and Employee Dashboard.

To obtain the free applications:

  • Existing customers can download and add these applications to the custom solutions they already have.
  • Non-customers can download the applications along with WEBCON BPS Express, a reduced-storage edition of the company’s flagship product that may be used in production and in perpetuity, which can be installed in either on-premises data centers or online infrastructure-as-a-service environments.
  • Those that would prefer a low-effort, turnkey trial period can do so at the WEBCON BPS Cloud; the online software-as-a-service’s free trial period has been extended from two weeks to 60 days for the foreseeable future.

More information about the applications and how to get started are available at webcon.com/streamline-remote-work/

At WEBCON, “digital transformation” isn’t a buzzword – it’s a way of life. Applications made with WEBCON BPS are scalable, process-centric, low-to-no-code, equally at home online or on-premises. WEBCON’s unique InstantChange™ technology lets customers adapt processes to address changing needs immediately and painlessly. Visit www.webcon.com to learn more.

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