This Young Talent has built an empire in the Digital Marketing Industry

About 25% to 40% of annual growth of the Digital Marketing Industry shows that it is one of the most lucrative industries to work in. The challenges one may are “being creative” and “tech savvy”.

Alok Jha, founder of the digital marketing company “Forever Digital” has not only overcome these challenges but also created a successful business in this field. We talked to Alok who is also known as Forever Alok in the Digital Marketing space about his Journey from taking a leap into a new field as he is doing engineering to building a successful business in it.

Consistency is the key.

Alok says that the “There are many Black Hat SEO guys in the market. But if you have to be successful in the long run, you need to apply white hat methods and keep exploring implementing new strategies.” He Further says that “Content is the king and relevance is the key for the companies who want to do online advertising”. Forever Alok is an Online Disruptor indeed. His company Forever Digital is one stop destination for such needs. He himself is a specialist in Instagram marketing. He gives emphasis on the use of social media platforms as a marketing platforms.

Creating a personal brand, “Forever Alok”.

Alok Jha, who hails from Madhubani, Bihar was born in 15sept 1998, is a phenomenal talent in the online world. Little did he know then that life would be so kind to him to offer him opportunities at such a naive age and open doors for him that would make him one of the leading names in the Personal Branding and also a Digital Marketing expert. On asking him about his decision, he says “I never really had thought about making career in this space but once I got in, the support and love was tremendous and I was making pretty decent money so I thought why not continue this?” He further adds that he loves trying on new things and learn how to do things completely different from the way others do. What sets him apart from the crowd is that he knows how to address a problem and finds its solution just seamlessly. That is his recipe for success.

Serve with Style attitude.

“The idea is to work hard, help the people in need and party harder” says Alok flaunting his boyish charm and authenticity in his voice is enough to tell that “Forever Alok” is a true value giver and a success story.

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