Positive learning: pupil’s lockdown YouTube show

Most schoolchildren would rejoice at no lessons for 12 weeks, but for 11-year-old Kanak Mathur lockdown has been a chance to learn more things and work on more projects than ever before. 

The enthusiastic Wokingham youngster, with a passion for keeping things positive, has taken to YouTube to showcase her lockdown activities which include crafts, cooking and dancing. 

Kanak’s videos range from how to create an indoor holiday when you can’t go out, to how to dab to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

She also treats viewers to clips of her garden-long marble run and things to do when you’re a youngster in lockdown.

And it isn’t just fun videos which Kanak’s been shooting.

She’s spent lockdown researching ways to protect the environment as part of World Environment Day, later shared in an informative speech where she concludes “show the worth, save the earth”.

Kanak’s Mother Kajal said: “She researched about the various ways to protect the environment and figured out that there are three major ways to protect the environment via technology, by solar panels, using biodegradable plastic and by eating artificial meat. 

“She took a few days to write and edit her own speech and then she shot her video by herself.

“It took her 25 takes and there were times when she didn’t want to carry on but her hard work paid off and she delivered her best speech during lockdown.”

To watch Kanak’s videos, log on to bit.ly/3d11zr6

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