Robots on the Farm

Farming, being ancient in its craft, would be the last place imagined where robots are concerned. But, it is 2020 and the future is here. The widespread implementation of robots and autonomous farming equipment is keeping agriculture software development services busy. Drones hover where small planes once whipped through. Tractors take on GPS systems similar to that of a plane. Yes, the future is here and robots are on the farm.


Tractors Use GPS to Drive

GPS lends a hand to farmers. Well, both hands actually. Tractors can outright drive themselves, allowing the farmer to sit back and enjoy the outdoors. The GPS tells the tractor where it is, how fast it’s traveling, and deters colliding with objects. There are some pieces of equipment that can be without a human, by following another tractor that has a driver.


Harvesting Robots Handle Small Jobs

Tractors are fine for big jobs, but other tasks need a finer touch. Harvesting robots are designed to delicately pick fruits, vegetables, and other harvestable without damaging the product. There’s still room for improvement in this particular sector but many farms operate using such technology.


RFID Tags Allows Seamless Tracking of Livestock

Technology like RFID is quite useful to a farmer that needs to track livestock for feeding or medical reasons. Where numbers are used manually on a farm, here, a computer can track where a certain animal is at any given moment by tracking certain points of entry into different areas. The tag will communicate and record data when it passes
through a specific area, equipped with receptive technology.


Smartphone Applications for Farmers

Those crops aren’t going to water themselves. Or are they? Farmers can control water and irrigation on a field that’s miles away. Using applications, they can turn water functions on and off using their phone. 


Drones Assist in Farming

Drones have an endless amount of use when farming. Drones can be adapted to have plant identifying cameras, fertilize plants, and even plant seeds. Saving time, resources, and optimizing outputs, drone usage is a game-changer for the agriculture industry.


Solar and Wind Energy Power Devices

Planes can be replaced by smaller pieces of equipment that don’t rely on nonrenewable resources like oil. Combing a growing population with continued use of such resources can only result in a negative outcome. 


Growing Population Puts Us at Risk

Needing to feed ourselves, we could use all of the resources we have. 

Solar and wind power provide energy to items like drones and robots. Receiving energy from the sun and wind is free of charge, and not to mention, they do not need to be renewed. Mother Nature would be pleased. 

It seems odd; to combine technology and farming. However, with alternatives emerging out of necessity, more robots feeding plants and drones weeding fields are likely to be seen. More companies will start to employ GPS-driven farm equipment to meet demand. 

The possibilities that present themselves from using an agriculture software development service like these cannot be understated. Saving farmers from meticulous tasks, these technologies can be a huge factor in our sustainability long-term with such a high population.

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