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Surya Sekhar Ganguly. (TOI Photo)

KOLKATA: Grandmaster Surya Sekhar Ganguly is all set to hit the living rooms with his new YouTube channel ( on Saturday. Confined to home for the past three months, Ganguly has been tuning into a number of channels on chess, but has been left disappointed.
“I plan to have three segments in my show. The first will be called ‘in conversation with’ in which I will talk to leading chess players from across the globe,” Ganguly told TOI.
The show will open with an interaction with Viswanathan Anand on Saturday at 9pm. “I admire Anand a lot and have worked with him closely. I felt there cannot be a better person to begin with,” he said.
The Kolkata-based player hopes to add personal touch to these conversations. “As I know these players closely, I am hoping to bring out some of their unknown stories. The show will have a lot of anecdotes, which I hope will make it interesting,” he stated.
The Arjuna award winner has not planned any specific time-frame for the conversations. “I want to keep this segment open-ended and go with the flow. But I will not stretch any episode too much and limit it to 20-30 minutes,” he said, adding that interaction with Anand is likely to be spread over seven or more episodes.
The second segment will feature Ganguly himself and focus specifically on the game. “I will expect youngsters to learn something from this section, where I will discuss different aspects of the game and answer queries too,” the record six consecutive times national champion said.
The third section will be a lighter one, which Ganguly will be doing with GM Dibyendu Barua. “It will be in Bengali where we will feature celebrities from different walks of life,” he informed.

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