This book gives you the basics in digital marketing, to sell in electronic commerce

We are living in a time when electronic commerce has become increasingly relevant, not only because of the opportunity it offers to undertake, but also because of the alternative that this means has become for companies to maintain their commercial activity.

Among the measures that have been implemented, a key opportunity is to enter digital marketing, an area of ​​great value for the correct management of talents oriented to online activities.

In this scenario, an element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that warns us of the ability to understand the commercial channel and thereby achieve new commercialization opportunities.

In Digital Marketing For Non-Experts: The Automated Sales System To Sell Any Type Of Product Or Service Online Agustín Casorzo He guides us through a series of nourished topics such as the introduction to digital marketing, marketing strategies based on the customer profile, the message that the seller must build and the « mental » categories in which to work , as well as sales funnels, landing pages and conversions.

Another of the resources in which the author guides us is in automated marketing, advertising with Google Ads and SEO management, in order to take advantage of search engines.

Electronic commerce has established itself as a powerful resource to generate income through digital resources, which obviously requires a better understanding of this scenario.

An element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that warns us of the ability of these platforms to communicate. And it is that you can communicate through products and services offered through these platforms, as each of these actions is accompanied by activities that tell a story, hence the native brands of Instagram, for example, are so popular.


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