Now, exit from Noida will also be monitored – noida

Days after the national Capital unsealed its border, the Noida police from Saturday began monitoring those vehicles exiting the city to Delhi.

Gautam Budh Nagar had sealed its border with Delhi in April to avoid the spread of coronavirus cases across state boundaries. According to data released by the district’s health department, 42% cases (June 1) in the district have been traced to sources in Delhi. The district, therefore, continued to disallow any entry for anyone except essential services and those with valid movement passes.

However, the past few weeks saw major traffic congestion especially at the entry side into Noida. Delhi had sealed its borders earlier this month, but removed it soon after as the lieutenant-governor intervened.

As the Noida Police continued its checks at the entry into the district, long traffic snarls had become common. One reason was that there was no strict monitoring at the entry to the Delhi side. This allowed people, even non-essentials, to cross the border and so, when the returned, there was a long queue at the entry into Noida where police had installed checkposts to check for permission.

“There were many people who would leave the city but without requisite permissions. And when they were stopped by Noida Police at the district entry point, they would cause delays. To rectify this situation, our force is now conducting checks on both sides within our jurisdiction to ensure that people who don’t have the passes don’t leave the city,” said Sankalp Sharma, deputy commissioner of police, zone 1.

Police said that the weekend traffic volume was low and expect the new regulations to keep it that ways.

Noida Police has now placed barricades on both sides to regulate the movement at all border points like Chilla, Kalindi Kunj or DND.

Commuters have time and again complained about the lack of coordination on both sides and the move comes as a relief for daily commuters who have permissions.

“Every day we face problems and long jams specially during peak hours. People who have no business being out travel and argue with police with their argument being that in the morning they went with no problems so why should face issues when coming back to Noida. This way there will be no unnecessary movement and may the traffic will be smoother,” said a daily commuter.

While some people, who have jobs or businesses in the other state, have wanted the border to be opened, Noida citizens support the administration’s decision to keep it sealed keeping in mind the Covid-19 spread here.

The Supreme Court has also asked the UP government for answers on why Gautam Budh Nagar is keeping the border sealed. The apex court had earlier asked Delhi, UP and Haryana to form a common policy to tackle the border situation.

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