Women-only online jobs network kicks off

FEMALE workers, hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, are rallying to revive the economy on their terms.

In echoes of the ’80s pop hit Sisters are Doin’ it for Themselves, women are standing on their own two feet as they jump back into the workforce with greater flexibility.

Within 24 hours of launching a female-only online jobs platform – believed to be the first of its kind in Australia – more than 1000 women had signed up, according to founder Fleur Madden.

Freelancing Gems is a central booking point for consultants, sole traders and side hustlers across all industries.

Freelancers Kate Cook, 30, of Herston, and Clare Ross, 34, of Ashgrove, working with Fleur Madden, who has started a digital jobs platform dedicated to female freelancers. Picture: Liam Kidston.

Ms Madden, 39, of Bulimba, said women were notoriously bad at putting a dollar value on their professional worth.

“Female consultants typically charge around one-third less,” she said.

Kate Cook started a marketing business before COVID-19 hit but struggled with “feeling entirely alone”.

Ms Cook said joining Freelancing Gems allowed her to connect her with “like-minded women who get it” and would expand her opportunities once the platform went live in August.

Annual membership is from $180 for freelancers.

Originally published as New women-only online jobs network

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