Content Marketing Is The Kingdom

Content marketing can be defined as the use of any kind of written material such as blogs or news that helps to market your firm by indirect means.

Content Isn’t King. It Is The Kingdom.”

— Leeodden

MANCHESTER , LANCASHIRE, UK, June 8, 2020 / — What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing that works indirectly in seeking to attract the interest and, ultimately, the custom of people who might buy your products or services.

While a typical advert of the kind you might see on the TV is short and direct, content marketing is more advertorial than editorial.

What this means in practice is two things; It is not aiming to get the consumer to make a buying decision straight away; It is marketing indirectly by showing you know your way around the subject concerning the need, problem or desire that the potential customer has.

It may seem to some that this is likely to be less effective than a straightforward advert. But this is not the case, because research has shown that the typical person needs to encounter a marketing message seven times before they make a decision to buy.

Content marketing can consist of written content, or it can exist in the form of videos. Sometimes you can combine the two, such as a written blog with a video embedded in it.

Ultimately, your main aim is to raise awareness of your firm, what you do, why, and, most importantly, how you can meet the needs of your potential customer.

Why do you need to optimise your work?

It’s important to reach the first page for one simple reason. Think of when you last used a search engine. Chances are, you clicked on one of the results on the first page. Research has shown very searches continue past page one, so if your content only reaches page 2 or 3, it is far less likely to be seen and clicked on.

Search engines decide this based on a large number of factors. Google is believed to use an algorithm that includes around 200 factors. It’s a bit like the recipe for Coca-Cola – exactly what’s included is a secret, but like with Coca-Cola it is not hard to work out what the most important aspects are. Some aspects of SEO are like sugar and water.

The key is to take steps to ensure your work has been optimised to raise its SEO ranking. You need to do this over a period of months to build up your ranking, but your efforts will be rewarded when you get to the first page of the rankings.

What other services exist?

PPC is just one of the many other services that can be used alongside content marketing. All kinds of other services will help in different ways.

For example, email marketing is a great way to chase up leads. If your digital content has a call to action button at the bottom, this might include an option to sign up to receive newsletters or mailing. This offers a chance for you to send marketing emails to people who are aware of what you do and have shown an interest.

Social media management is often used alongside content marketing. This is partly because you can help your content by posting links to it on your social media platforms, but it also adds new ways of increasing awareness of your firm, interacting with potential and actual customers and generating leads. Social media can also host pay-per-click advertising, just like search engines do.

Sometimes content marketing needs to sit alongside website development work. You may need a website creating from scratch, or your existing site improving. This can be very important when you consider SEO, as developing the site can deal with technical SEO issues such as having secure coding and making the site mobile friendly.

These are just some of the examples of how you can use other tools and services alongside content marketing to help reach more people with your content strategy and achieve more growth for your firm.

How can you implement this?

The way to bring together content marketing with other services is to start with an assessment from a marketing agency, to establish what your needs are. This can help pinpoint what combination of services will best suit your firm and provide you with a good return on marketing investments.

By doing this, you can make sure you are focusing on the tools that can help you most and avoiding those that do not work.

To make extra sure of this, the process should also include analysis of the campaign when it is up and running to establish what is working, what might be improved and if anything does need to change, so if the strategy does need to be adjusted it can be based on sound information.

By doing all this, you can help harness the power of content marketing alongside other tools to give your firm the boost it needs to achieve exciting growth.

Who can you reach with a wider strategy?

A key advantage of having a digital marketing strategy that does not just use content marketing is that you can reach more people.

For example, your written content blogs will inevitably appeal to those who have the time to read them. If you want to reach someone who wants to read something short because they have little spare time, posting on Twitter is a wise move.

Also, tools like social media and marketing emails can help steer people to your content by including links. This means people who are not looking for content via keyword searches or going straight to your website can still find out about your content, ensuring more people will engage with it.

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